Domain Name Registration Services : Once you purchase your Domain Name, you are its owner and it cannot be “cancelled” until the duration of the domain term has expired. Domain names are controlled worldwide by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN ) organization and we do not have any control over it.

You can cancel your Website order online before the Website has been delivered. If you paid via a prepayment mode (credit card, debit card or net banking), then your entire order amount will be refunded.

Cancellation request can be sent to our Customer Support department, The cancellation will not be valid until it is confirmed by the respective department.

Contacting Customer Support weeks to months after an order is marked as Complete will not usually result in an order cancellation, especially if those funds have been successfully withdrawn by the seller. Buyers are expected to raise their concerns in a timely matter or report any suspicious behaviors shown by sellers.

What are valid reasons to cancel my order?

  1. Not satisfied with the services delivered which are promised.
  2. Website not get done with in specified period of time.
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