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Hi-Techsoft Consultancy Services- Professional Website development company that focuses on providing advertisers and agencies with the software tools and resources they need to create and maintain high-quality pay per click campaigns.Our company offers sophisticated software and service options to help you optimize your PPC account.We provide all Bing ads PPC services and Google AdWords Pay Per Click Services in Chandigarh for all kind of the business such as astrologers, real estate, e-commerce, colleges, tech support etc.Many leading tracking software that is advanced let marketing companies communicate with their clients right on the amount of money to be expended along with the number of website visits, phone calls and email leads they are going to obtain in the course of their campaign.Search advertising helps increase drive traffic, and boost brand recognition. It works with organic search marketing, which gains traction as search advertising increases sales


Planning and Executing the PPC Campaign

  • Pay Per click is measurable, data about the ad showing for the account is recorded and reported against a range of set KPIs (key performance indicators).
  • Keywords play a main role in PPC campaigns; they are used to target internet users based on their search query.
  • To set up your Google account, you’ll need to define your Campaigns and Ad Groups.
  • if you have created the ad groups, and have choosen right keywords ,then after you are ready for writing your ads.
  • Measuring the Results in Pay Per Click.
  • Shared Library in PPC AdWords.